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A1: The Navy Blue Summer Maxi Style Jilbab Denim Abaya features 100% pure denim, high-quality stitching, a front open design with Sherwani collar, golden buttons, and two side pockets. It is available in all sizes from Extra Small to Extra Large.

A2: The main material of the Soft Summer Denim, and the main color is navy blue.

A3: The purpose of wearing an abaya is to provide modest and practical clothing while reflecting the Islamic or Muslim culture. It allows Muslim women to follow their religious teachings, protect themselves, and gain respect in society.

A4: The abaya is machine and hand washable, and it is very easy to iron. Please check the instructions on the Care Label for specific care guidelines.

A5: Yes, the abaya is designed to be best for summer weather. It is made from lightweight, breathable cotton and is perfect for staying comfortable during the hot season.

Yes, many brands offer a wide range of sizes to cater to all body types, ensuring that every woman can find a comfortable and stylish abaya.

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 Absolutely! Coat Style Abaya can be easily dressed up with accessories and footwear to suit more formal occasions and gatherings.

Yes, Denim Abaya are perfect for casual wear as they offer a relaxed and effortlessly chic look, ideal for daily outings and activities.